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Julio Valdez's Paintings Inspired by Cuban Music at Soho Gallery

Artists Making Their Mark: Julio Valdez

"Julio Valdez" by Sandra D. Jackson

"The Work of Julio Valdez" by Federica Palomero

"Julio Valdez: Cartography of the Body" by Federica Palomero

"Surface and Symbol: Julio Valdez and the Printed Image" by Judith B. Hecker

"Process Driven" by Elena Pellegrini

"Julio Valdez Questions the End of the Century" by Marianne de Tolentino

"Reflections on Returning" by Martha Vidal, Dominique Bluhdom, and Stephan D. Kaplan

"Julio Valdez" an Interview with José Bobadilla

"Making New Tracks in Painting and Prints" by Sandra Kraskin, Ph.D.

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